Friday, July 6, 2007

You Gotta Have Faith

This is a partial comment on my brother's blog found here.

"Science opens the door, and you yourself must go through it. At that threshold, at that gate, at that either-or space, you are standing on science, and the final reach above your outstretched arms is Faith."

Having faith is ultimately the most personal experience you can have. No one can have faith for you or convince your prematurely to have faith, so when one finally *feels* the Faith, that's when one knows: Oh, there you are, god. I feel intimately connected to faith and hope. It's my way of telling god that I am paying attention. If I don't acknowledge something with prayer, faith, hope, etc., then I don't see the Law of Attraction coming to help me out. So I don't have to convince anyone that god is real, because god is real to ME. I also don't have to apologize for my belief in god, claiming that it's not Judeo-Christian. It's no one's business how I got to god. I don't ram it down any throats or recklessly "leave it all up to go." We have a system all worked out, and it's successful.

I believe that it's not necessarily important to "sell" people on your (one's) ideas, but rather to buy in to your own ideas so fully that you can be counted on the roster of "Awake" and then head out to do your work, whatever it is. We don't have to have the one perfect thought. I know that when I can't share the oneness I feel, it doesn't mean it's not oneness, it just means I need to get deeper into the *feeling* and stop worrying about sharing, since I'm ALREADY sharing it (it's ONENESS for goodness sakes!).

Writing is becoming that way for me. Not everyone will love my words. Getting published is a good way to make a living, but it doesn't define authorship or the act of being a writer. I'm a writer right now.
I'm going to buy into my ideas, my writing, more fully. It's the only work I truly need to do.

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